Cooking and Science

Cooking and Science

Cooking and science converge in a fascinating place where flavors, textures and chemical processes are combined. The kitchen is an experimental laboratory where reactions and transformations occur in food. Science provides knowledge about the physics, chemistry and biology involved in food preparation. Modern chefs draw inspiration from science to better understand culinary processes and innovate, using techniques to create dishes that combine art and science. This fusion of cooking and science not only drives culinary creativity, but also offers opportunities to better understand food, nutrition and health in a more accurate and informed way.

Guest speakers:

Juli Peretó, professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the UV, Valencia

Pep Romany, cook and craftsman, Dénia

Moderator: Magda Minguet, journalist editor of Foodie Culture Barcelona magazine.

05 June 2024 in La Rambla, 115 Barcelona,